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People meet to part and part to meet… that’s what we call life.

Hola beautiful people,

2013 is not over yet but i can feel that this year has been a turning point in my life. People say that when you’re twenty you are no more a teen and you enter the adults’ world. Well it’s not right and it’s not wrong as well but what i do know now is that being 21 is the age where you realise that you’ve got decisions to take, people to meet and a career to choose. It is simply the age where you decide who you want to be and how you want to be that someone.

Today I will be talking about how people you meet can impact on your life and change what you had planned be it for the best or for the worst. 

This year has been a blessing, I have been able to meet people from all continents and those people even the one I was not closed to made me the person who I am today. In fact, as I mentioned in some previous post, our life is a play and we are all actors in it. What happens in a play is that it cannot live on its own and it needs a crew to work well. Thus, in your play there is you, the hero or heroine and there are the other actors, those playing either a minor or a major role. 

What happens also is that you choose to whom these specific roles will be destined to and sometimes they do not perform well and you have to change actors. So as a producer of your own script you have the power to choose who to eliminate and who to keep in order to make the play a better one. But at some point in time, you realise that the play is not going according to what you had planned and the actors are not sure about their roles.

According to me, these actors both have some negative as well as some positive influence on you and I believe that as producer you should take all the positive aspects they brought in your life and use that to improve your script. At some point also you would prefer taking the negative aspect and lament on this you could have change but the thing is what happened happened and you cannot do anything about it.

You do not choose who enter your life but you choose who stays in and you may give an award at the end of the day to the nest actor in your life 🙂 Also, the best people you will meet might not as well remain close to you in terms of relationship or close to you in terms of distance but you are the one who chooses whether they have brought in your life needs to be cherished or no…

It is a really complex post with a lot of metaphor since i didn’t really want to be too personal about this post. I hope you guys liked it and i promise to be more explicit in my future post..

Stay tuned, 


Chelbee bix.



That’s how I look like :)


Hey beautiful people, I just wanted to upload a picture of me since you people don’t know how i look like. I simply wanted to wish you a nice week-end and thank you for your views. If you have any request just direct message me on my twitter @Rachelnorah.

Decorate your own cupcake !!

Hello beautiful people, 

                        I got some requests that i should be more constant when it comes to my blog but the thing is I am really lazy and sometimes my laziness prevents me from feeling inspired.

Have you ever woken up and realised that you don’t know what you want and what you will be in a near future? Sometimes I think that I’m the kind of girl who has not a clue and who has not yet found her path. Is that good or bad ? I have no idea.

There are those people who are flawless, they are great at school, know exactly what they want to be and finally achieve what they have always wanted at the end of the day. Then there is me. The type of girl that has no rare skills, or who has no talent as such and who is not passionate about anything.

Human beings have this usual tendency to compare themselves to others. Being dependent on each other, being accepted and compared as being normal as others have become the norm. But what does it mean to be normal? Being normal as I mentioned earlier in my previous posts mean to fit in a specific group. I do not think I am a unique case, I do not think the world revolves around me, I simply want to know why being normal and following a normal path has become the norm.

To come back to my point, not knowing what I want to be in my life poses me a real problem. In fact I have so many dreams, I wish for a lot of things. But what about other people…?? Don’t they dream of travelling or of knowing their own self before entering and choosing their career? Personally I think that the mold into which we all pass through is a pretty good one since the majority is like the prototype one.

And the minority, let’s say me has still her path to discover. But wait, at some particular point in time when I read quotes, I tend to feel and think that every quote defines what the majority wants. It is not that the minority like me are like aliens but sometimes reading great quotes frighten me.

This post is really about me, about the fear of not being able to fit properly in a near future, about the fact of not knowing what I really want in life when it comes to what the majority expects from me. But what I do know is that dreaming, yes dreaming about things that make me happy or that I think will make me happy complete part of the path I am looking forward to. 

There is one thing I want you people to know is that, it’s not because you’ve been molded in a way that you cannot change. Let’s take the example of cupcakes, when  taken out of the oven they are golden brown, but when you give them to people to decorate each one of us decorates them it accordance to our tastes. So let’s say we are all cupcakes and it is up to us to change.

This means that it is not because you are not sure about what your future will be like that you’ve got to feel left out. I know all the “Minority me” will find their paths someday. Just do whatever makes you happy and the rest will come at the appropriate moment.

Hoping you guys have liked this unusual post,

I would really appreciate if you could give me some topics you want me to talk about,

Take care,

Chelbee Bix

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It’s not because I’m black that I won’t be on the right track.

Hello My dear peeps,

Yesterday, I was inspired by a wonderful lady whose speech was being discussed in one of my lecture. This Lady is one of the famous Nigerian authors and she is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The speech was about how every one has a single story of everything. In fact, when we dig inside her thought, we come to the conclusion that she is right. We are the results of the way we’ve been socialised, We are the results of what we have been taught, we are simply the story our parents made of us.

I live in a multicultural country. I live in a rainbow country. I live multiracial country. I live in the star and key of the Indian Ocean, I live in Mauritius. The single story of most people would be that I live in Paradise. If we believe what Mark Twain once said in 1897.. “God created Mauritius first and then paradise was copied  after it..” But when we go beneath this saying we see that the paradise is not filled with angels only. That on the other hand, there is a different way in interpreting what the paradise is.

As a child, I had often been given nicknames. Nicknames in relations to my colour. In fact, I have always been the blackest of the family and since that time I had developed a skin complexion complex. During my childhood I would believe every story the adults would be telling me. I never drank coke fearing I would become darker, I would never eat fried noodles since they use a black sauce to do that and I feared i would have became darker too. When I look back at these stories I now realise that I was living up to the labels that had been given to me.

What you readers should know is that Mauritius is composed of people whose ancestors came from various part of the world. Mainly from India, Africa, China and Europe. Mauritians are according to me a mixed race if I can say so. I have Indian as well as African genes going in my veins and I am proud of that. I am the result of a mixture, I am a Mauritian.

In fact, Mauritians do not accept the fact that they are a mixed race. Like many places in the world, the very idea of being a black is associated with being a bad person. As a child then again, I could not understand why in every passage or books I couldcome accross the word black was always associated with being bad. I remember when I was  10 or 11 arguing with my dad about the following words: black sheep of the family, black eye, black market and many more…

The very notion of colour as a basis to classify what’s right from wrong had been imprinted in my mind and I don”t know why I could not accept that. I have come through many encounters that nearly made me feel that I was not worth what I thought I was. My friends always wonder why I always associate myself with the colour black and why I could feel racism around me all the time. I think now I can tell them that it is because I have been exposed and this exposure had marked me and till now is marking me.

I was a good student at school, first of the class, and when I reached secondary school, I realised that things had changed. I had to proved to others that I was intelligent to make new friends. I had to make twice the effort the “normal” children would do to be accepted. But the thing is I succeeded. I has been tough but I succeeded. Many of the teaching staff who didn’t know me thought I was not a mainstream student, worse thing, they thought I was a pre-vocational student.

At the very moment I understood I had been labelled and categorised as such, I forced myself not to live up according to this label. It was hard, really hard. I was one among the few black people, in the mauritian context the “creole” in my school. But after six years of constant fighting I became the head student of the school. I was happy, happy to see that the single story I had been told as a child had been challenged, in fact I had rewritten another story.

I am a 21 year old girl, I haven’t done much in my life but I hope for the best for my island. It pities me to see how the majority though being educated have opted for only a single story. We are not in animal farm, nobody is more equal than others. I just want people to understand that. I am not used to writing posts about my story or to lament myself about my life, but I just wanted to share a thought with all those who read my blog. I just want you to be the authors of many stories. I just want you to go beyond what you’ve been taught. Read my previous post for more inspiration.

Take care,

Chelbee Bix

The Missing Mood!

Hey there! It’s been such a really log time since I haven’t posted anything. I had even forgot my password and had to recover it. I hope everybody is fine and ready for some of the sequencer’s advice and thoughts.
To start with as mentioned in my previous post, I was in India. Since I returned back to my home sweet home I have been missing a lot of things. I have been missing the country itself, the food I ate there, the temperature and most of all the people I met there. That constant state of missing things and people has been really intriguing me for the past five months and I did not know where to start to tackle this new mood of mine: The Missing mood.
Having the constant feeling of not being fully complete is according to me what we call missing something or someone. In this post, I will concentrate more on the fact of missing someone rather than missing something. So the very first questions we should ask ourselves when missing someone is why??
Why do we miss someone?
Let’s take me as an example, I was away from my home for two months, and according to many, missing my family would have been normal, since they are related to me and I am not complete without them according to the proper norms. But it is then that I realised that it was not the case. In fact, the ones that are meant to be the most important persons in my socialisation process have not been missed by me at all.
Then why do I miss other people but haven’t missed my parents? I have identified some aspects which I am sure many of you will agree with. Either it is infatuation, liking the person or loving the person. I won’t go into the feelings details but it was just to clarify my points.
So according to what I have mentioned above, I have been missing the persons in India because of these above reasons. Then I ask myself another question.
Who do we miss actually?
Human being cannot live on its own, it has to be in social groups and when it is in social group it connects with people. The more one’s connect the more closed affinities are developed between those person. These affinities do not take years, months to develop but in fact, if there is a good flow between let’s say two persons, then the impact both will have on each other will be irreversible. In fact to come back to my story, India has been the land where I met and made new friends and therefore developed new affinities.
It is only when the time has come to say goodbye to some people that you realise that they counted or still count a lot for you. Then comes the missing mood. Notwithstanding the amount of seconds, minutes, hours or days you have spent with that person, if he or she has counted for you then you will surely miss him or her.
How long will the missing mood last?
Many would say that if we take the example of infatuation, the missing mood phase will be temporary. It could be said that for some person putting a cross on your “missing one” is easy to do but for others it is more than difficult. In fact, in those moments, those who have really experienced the missing mood turn into freaks, literally speaking they built up an obsession in respect to those they miss. I am no doctor but according to me this obsession though it is releasing a lot of Oxytocin in that person and provides them with satisfaction, deep inside it is not good.  What makes us miss people that have a special corner in our hearts? What makes us miss people that have become special for us? Is it because they are an important part of our lives now and the mind recognises that?
These are the questions that we tend to ask ourselves when our “missing mood” takes control of us. It might seem exaggerated, well it might be but nevertheless it can be true as well in some rare cases. We as human being have the need to talk, and not talking to the person on our minds causes frustration and this leaves a void in our life.
Hoping you guys liked the post and found bits of you in it.
I guess It’s enough for today, I’ll add up this post tomorrow for sure:)
Cheers ,
Chelbee Bix

Have a break, have some peace of mind !

Hey you all

It’s been such a long time since the sequencer blog has been inactive and I must apologise  for that. Well first of all this is the first time that I will be posting an article when I’m actually not in my country. In fact, I am in India. This incredible and huge place and I guess India is one of the main reason that has inspired me to post a new article today. Just for you to know, the article will not be about India 😛

So to begin with, I would like to point out something that really matters to me. This special thing is peace of mind. Peace of mind is a state in which one can relax, take deep breaths and have a look upon one’s actions. According to me, when one is in need of peace it means that this person needs some time of his one to have  better look at life itself.

When I need some peace of my, I automatically enter a new stage : the mood swing stage. People might think that I am distant or that I am trying to hide things from them, but this is not the case. These mood swings can happen to each and everyone at any point in time, but different people deal with these mood swings differently. Mood swings re just some simple causes that your brain takes to make you think back on things you did either intentionally or unintentionally.

From what I have noticed, my mood swings are summarised by long moments of silence followed but an instant change in my attitude. Just like a simple headache, the mood swing is a temporary state of might. There might not be any specific reason that might cause these but there are some consequences when it comes to the misinterpretation of your peace of mind moment.

Anyways my dear audience, I’ll continue with my explanation tomorrow 🙂

I was happy to post this article today after so long,

See you,


Is our deepest thought our Godmother?

A very big hello from Mauritius 🙂

What is a godmother? Well in catholic religion people are baptised and then they are given a godmother. I myself don’t have a godmother since i am not baptised but anyway, this is not what I’m debating on. The role of the godmother is to replace our mother if she happens to be in troubles or to always be here for her  godson when she will be needed.

In fairy tales, the godmother is always the only person that will bring happiness to a character by taking in charge all the wishes and difficulties of the latter. If we compare a godmother to a thought we will come to the conclusion that they are more or less the same thing. A thought, mostly a deep thought when it happens to realise  bring us so much happiness that we say “thank god it happened”. The thought is the key to our happiness, the thought is our godmother!.

I know that whatever I am saying is not scientifically proven, but it is what we as human being encounter when our thoughts do come true. Our need to get satisfaction to whatever we do tends to make us wish for the best every time. Notice it or not, when we are satisfied we are given a gift from our so-called godmother.

She might not be real nor physical, she might be imaginary and not logical but what she does is incredible. A thought changes one’s mood, one’s expectation and one’s ways of seeing things. This godmother is the key to our success. For human being to succeed therefore, I noticed that there should be a certain degree of trust and belief in whatever he or she thinks.

It is just like my friends Anne-Laure always say, “Create your vision and await your desires.” If we replace the word vision with the word thought, we come to a point where you can achieve what you want by simply thinking about it. The tendency that human being has to be constantly unsatisfied is one of the main causes as to why we will never think that we have is enough.

Our greed and need to consume will always lead us away from our godmother. I will end my post here for today hoping that you’ve understood and liked my post. I would like to thank Anne-Laure for her inspiration :).

See you,

Chelbee Bix.

We are all like ice cubes, temporarily hard outside but slowly melting down.

Hello from Mauritius 🙂 How have you all been? Today I’ll be talking about something that we all tend to ignore : The fragile us.The fragile us is simply us in tears in hard times and how many of us use OK as an excuse to hide the way they really feel about things.

Human beings in general are very good actors. In times when they are physically and mentally not well they pretend to be OK. That word OK is used by most people nowadays. I’ll take myself as an example. X:”How are you?” Me: “ok”. That is exactly what is happening to most of us these days. We are afraid to share our feelings with others. Our selfishness forces us to keep our “mal-être”  as a secret in order to make people believe that we are OK.

Likewise, Human being is like an ice-cube. In fact it is not physically like an ice-cube but it can be compared to one. How so? An ice-cube is always alone in its compartment, it is cold and after sometimes when it is left on its own it slowly melts down. Human is also like this, we are always cold to those who have some interest for us, we are always seeking to be alone even it hard times and deep inside when we are on our own, some feelings come out and we slowly melt down in tears.

It is funny to see that as good actors, it is hard for us to prevent ourselves from melting down. It is true that we convince ourselves not to but admit it or not you cannot not cry at the end of the day. We are one of the rarest animals to be both  mentally weak. We assume to be strong but we are not. We are affected by anything: death, birth, break-up, birthdays and so on. The thing is it is our emotions and our memory that help to melt us down.

If our brain was like a washing machine, we would not be that fragile. For instance we would have loaded enough information that at the end you would have to “brain wash” your information. By so doing, we would have had a fresh new brain each time you have had enough. But not, the complexity of our brain does not allow us to do so though there exist some people who maintain that they can forget whatever is not useful to them. Deep inside we all Know that we do not forget.

What I have learnt by being an ice-cube is to smile each time I want to cry or have cried. This is because I know I cannot do anything because I am fragile and it is life so “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”as Dr. Seuss.

If you see you need to cry, talk or share your feelings with those who mean the world to you I have only one thing to say :”Break the ice guys!”:)

hope you guys enjoyed the post,

See you,

Chelbee Bix.

Within each beauty lies a beast.

Hey everyone, I got a new post idea by watching beauty and the beast trailer yesterday. Yes I know i’m too old to watch this but I can’t help it 😛 Well, moreover I came across the many meanings of the word beauty during the pageant contest and I have to admit that I learned a lot from that life-time experience. So any idea of what beauty is really about??

First of all I have never had confident in myself and this is because I always hated the fact that I was black. I know that someone living in a multicultural country should not be saying so but I guess I am. Well being accepted in the pageant thing has helped to prove to myself that one needs not to be white to be beautiful. Finally I have admitted this. All this little history is to tell you guys how physical appearance is important when talking about beauty.

But behind the look there is the self. What about it? I have met 12 beautiful girls during the contest and each one of them was special – Beautiful. For me I did not judge them by there look. I tended to focus on the way the acted within the group. There is the beautiful social girl and there is the beautiful girl. The beautiful social one is the one who merges with everybody and is “real”in her way of being. The beast that lies within us is always playing hide and seek when the beauty is in society. But once in a while we found the beast and all of a sudden the beauty disappears.

We as spectators find it hard to admit the fact that the beauty- the person we are lets say talking to- happens to hide a beast in him/her. It has to be noted that the beast is not the beast, if you see what I mean. The beast is simply a side of us, lets say a flaw that society has taught us to hide from others in order to be accepted. But the “murdered self” at one point in time relives and bursts out.

The beast is the real us and the beauty is the fabricated us. So I guess that no one is beautiful to a certain extent because each one of us has something to hide and this hidden side of us sheds light to the way society has taught us to become the beautiful people we are.

My definition of beauty is somehow complex. It is ironical to see that physical beauty and the inner beauty are both photoshoped by the society. How so? In a beauty contest the beast-the pimples and stretch marks are hidden with make up and during our childhood we are taught to hide who we are and to replace it by what is said to be inner beauty.

hope you guys enjoyed the post,

See you,

Chelbee Bix

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